A week of frantic cake baking and selling by pupils at Normanby Primary has raised an incredible £213.20 for the Eston hills fund! Many thanks to all the kids, parents and teachers for this fantastic effort! And a big well done for completing such excellent project work !

6 miles x 6 hours + 53xYr 5's from Normanby Primary plus brilliant weather and no vehicles or motorbikes of any kind...Just their damage EVERYWHERE! Many of the main footpaths across the hills are now just massive ruts the full width of the path and full of water. Teachers and kids had to resort to scrambling along slippy banks on either side to get by. And then there is the flytipping...who would drive a mile up the hills and dump an oven and a fridge??? An absolute disgrace. In their desperation, beseiged farmers have felled trees across paths to stop vehicles and that hinders pedestrian access! None of this will ever be stopped until Flatts Lane, Bank Lane, Conker Wood, Wilton Lane and the Guisboro side are all blocked with major reinforced barriers. There is no point in us going after big funding to repair the footpaths for vandals in vehicles to destroy it all again. We completely oppose 'off-roading' as well as "respectful driving" up there because without a complete ban, the hills are wide-open to increasing traffic and damage and every joy-riding idiot to trash every path and put every family and walker in potential danger. It has to be stopped. Well done Normanby Yr 5 for asking great questions and being the best litter pickers ever on the way down. A true credit to a great school!
Thanks, Craig
Learning about the Beacon
The Gunpowder House at Trustee Mine
A fridge dumped by fly-tippers :-(
A tree felled by desperate farmers trying to stop joy-riders :-(
Best litter pickers ever :-)